Have you ever been advised by your doctor that you need to have your teeth straightened? He may have already recommended different orthodontic or teeth straightening procedures that can effectively address your misaligned teeth. He may have suggested treatments using dental braces and the Invisalign System. Well, what is the Invisalign system? And how much is the Invisalign cost in Australia?


Invisalign cost Australia: What is it?

For those who have little information about the Invisalign system, there are some things you need to know about this innovative orthodontic technology. The Invisalign system uses a series of removable aligners custom-fitted to your teeth. Unlike dental braces that use metal wires and brackets that show off your orthodontic treatment, these aligners are made of thermoplastic. This material makes your aligners so clear, it is virtually invisible. Wearing these removal aligners makes straightening your teeth more comfortable and almost unnoticeable.


Invisalign cost Australia: How much is it?


So, here comes the hard part: How much is the Invisalign cost in Australia? Truthfully, it is not as expensive as others perceived it to be. The cost of Invisalign is almost the same as what you are expected to pay for other orthodontic options like metal braces.

In Australia, you can expect to spend $3500 to $4500 for minor treatments and $6000 to $9000 for a more comprehensive treatment. Your Invisalign-trained dentist can give you a better view of how your Invisalign journey will cost you. There is also a cost calculator on the official Invisalign website that allows you to compute and estimate how much your treatment would cost efficiently.


Invisalign cost Australia: What to consider when choosing Invisalign

There are so many things that can affect the Invisalign cost. Here are some of the known variables that impact how your orthodontic treatment would cost you.


The extent of your orthodontic problem. Your problems affect the solution, so if your teeth misalignment is complicated, a more comprehensive type of Invisalign could address that. Your orthodontic issue also dictates how long the treatment would last and how many aligners would be needed to resolve your problem. If this is the case, you can expect your fee to be higher as well.


The amount covered by your insurance. Some dental health insurance providers offer major dental coverage for orthodontic procedures. However, the Invisalign cost Australia entails may be higher than the benefit limit they cap their coverage with, so expect some out-of-pocket charges if this is the appropriate orthodontic option for you.


The services of your dentist or orthodontist. In Australia, there is no law that regulates how a dentist can charge their patients for their services. So based on their expertise and experience they may charge higher or lower than other dental professionals. Talk to your dentist about your financial concerns so that you can have a mutual understanding of your needs and financial capacity along with his service charges. Sometimes, dentists also offer payment plans to their patients to make their orthodontic treatment more affordable and convenient.



Now that Invisalign is here in Australia and a whopping 5.5 million people all over the world have already tried and tested this innovative orthodontic solution, you never would have to worry about having misaligned teeth! Contact your trusted dentist to inquire on how to get the Invisalign system now!




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